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Name: Alyial
Age: 14
Sexuality: Gay
Location (State/City): Grand Forks, North Dakota

I was surfing queer communities and ran across this one.. decided to give it a go cuz ppl here seem nice.. Quick bg.. I am 14, yes i know i am gay, yes i have a bf. I am not american by birth.. was born in Galloway Ireland raised between Navan Ireland and Pavlovsk Russia. English was my third language, so I dont always understand things, but I am great friends with my dictionary. I am an orphan/foster kid. I am one of 6 biologically. Middle child by birth.. 2 older siblings and 3 younger tho the youngest are twins. Foster wise I am the youngest teenager but not the youngest in the house by far. I shall stop boring you now and just post the pics.

::note:: I look like im 10 (I am 5 foot 2 inches and weigh about 70 pounds soaking wet).. no need to make that comment.. really.

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