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Name: Liz
Age: 17
Sexuality: Lesbian
Location (State/City): Deltona, Fl.

Hey. I'm liz. As I was canoeing through the river of communities, I crashed into this one. So I decided since I'm here, I might as well check it out. Turns out that this is a really cool community that I would like to be a part of. :)

My musical interests include: go sailor, ani difranco, alanis morrisette, the white stripes, smashing pumpkins, mustard plug, less than jake,no doubt, collective soul, nirvana, janis joplin, fleetwood mac, rasputina, the postal service, mozart, madonna, and many many more.

My eye color is blue, but sometimes it looks gray. I dont wear contacts, but I do wear shoes. :) I wear a size 9 shoe.
I do not have any hate towards Bob Barker. As a matter of fact I am quite fond of his show. I'm not sure where he stands on issues, but I do know that he is certainly one lucky dude to have all of those "barker beauties".

now brace for my face:

first...i was a blonde.

then...a red head.

and now...i'm brunette. :)

and last but not least....THIS IS ZAC HANSON. :)
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